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Here at Global Pathways Recruitment, we provide a bespoke and tailored international relocation recruitment service, leveraging on many years of experience.  We offer candidates and clients a seamless matching service right from initial contact to settling into a new role/location. Whatever your needs, motivation, circumstances… We are here to advise and help!

Experts in Relocation

Whether you are a busy Director looking for talent to relocate or a senior executive managing your own move, we can help you. With a focus on business consulting, we help meet skill shortages and technical knowledge with the circumstantial needs of the individual.

 A Solid Network

With many years of global recruitment experience, we have built strong relationships with many consultancy firms across the world. Our mission is simple: to connect our clients with the most appropriate talent in the market.

Across 5 Continents

We have daily contact with employers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Canada and many countries in Europe. If you are thinking of working overseas but still hesitating on the location, we can advise on which place in the world can best fit your needs.

Ongoing Support

At Global Pathways Recruitment, we offer candidates and clients a bespoke and tailored recruitment service. From the initial point of contact to the relocation of the candidate, we provide support and guidance throughout the process.


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September 27th, 2018

Live & Work in the Netherlands

Intrigued by the Dutch way of life? The Netherlands has a global reputation for being a safe and friendly environment, where the locals enjoy active and healthy lifestyles and a good standard of living. Their relaxed and positive view of…
July 12th, 2018

Live & Work in Indonesia

Indonesia is a unique destination and a beautiful country, famous for its enchanting islands, ancient temples and gracious people. Jakarta offers a tropical climate, vibrant nightlife and great career opportunities. Life in Jakarta In Jakarta, the cost of living is…
May 17th, 2018

Where to Begin – The Important Questions!

Choosing possible countries The big first step to deciding what country to relocate to is thinking why you want to move and what you are looking to gain from your new environment. Here’s some ideas to help you get there.…
March 14th, 2018

Top 10 Happiest, Healthiest and Richest countries in the world!

Last year, the Legatum Institute (a London-based research institute), released their 11th annual global Prosperity Index. The index ranks the most prosperous countries in the world, not just in regard to money, but also taking into account many other indicators.…

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