Comfort or Adventure? That’s the question millions of people ask themselves during their career. Should you stay put, in the comfort of your existing surroundings – or take the risk and relocate abroad? 

A New Experience

Moving to another country is a big change, personally and professionally. New culture, new activities, new challenges. You will learn to adapt to all aspects of your new life, from etiquette and mannerisms in the office, to morning visits to your new coffee shop.  Having that flexibility is an attractive skill and could be the making of your career. Also, your global network will grow as you form new relationships.

A New Language

Depending on the country, there could be a number of languages spoken in your new home. Immersing yourself in a new language provides the perfect opportunity to learn. Language skills are also widely recognised as a valuable selling point for possible future prospects.

A New Opportunity

Your new country could be bursting with new opportunities, whether it’s faster career progression, out-of-hours volunteering projects or gaining experience in new skills. Taking the risk of moving abroad could increase your independence and confidence.

Adventure is out there, so what are you waiting for?

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