We have put some thought into making your international relocation as stress-free as possible. Here is our suggested timeline to keep your plans on track!

6 Months Before

The first step is simply thinking that you might want to try something new by moving somewhere new! Then, you can start thinking about locations. We can help you choose the best countries based on what is important for you: work/life balance, culture, lifestyle, standard of living, family/education, climate… After deciding a shortlist, we can help you find and shortlist exciting job opportunities in your top picks! Then it’s time to start interview prep and research into your new location (we can help with that too!)

5 Months Before

We assist you in negotiating your job offer(s). After you sign the dotted line, it’s time to apply for your Visa.

3/4 Months Before

Once you receive your Visa, you can resign from your job (based on European 3-month notice period) and set the start date for your new role. It’s also a good time to start looking for flights, you might be able to bag a good deal!

1/2 Months Before

Research potential areas to call home and properties/schools. Take actions towards handing in your property notice/selling/ renting out your current home. Start collecting packing supplies: boxes, tape, bubble wrap/ tissue paper, labels. Also think about what you are going to do with all your belongings – what you’ll ship to your new place, put in storage, bin or sell.

Two Weeks Before

Begin packing – start with the least used items in your home, for example, items in your attic, garage and storage areas. Call internet, phone and utilities services to arrange the home being disconnected after you move. Notify your bank, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, etc, that you are moving to a new country.

One Week Before

Start packing a suitcase of ‘essential items’ to take with you on the plane. Just in case the shipping gets delayed (due to unforeseen circumstances), it is a good idea to take things that would be a hassle to buy when you touch down: include your everyday clothes, any important documents, medications and toiletries.

Moving Day!

Double check your home to make sure everything is packed and nothing has been overlooked. Get on the plane and go!

Settling In

Start by setting up a new bank account, finding temporary accommodation, sorting your mobile phone and registering with the local authorities. Then spend some time familiarising yourself with your new city, and find your new home.


To have your global job search and relocation handled by capable hands, get in touch here!

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