We caught up with a professional we helped move from Asia to Luxembourg, to get their thoughts on their relocation experience.

Why did you decide you wanted to move abroad?

From a family perspective, (i) to expose my kids to learn foreign languages as it is considered a significant asset in our country, and (ii) to fulfil my wife’s wish to one day live in Europe. Professionally, Luxembourg provided an opportunity to learn financial services transfer pricing, which was a gap I had in my transfer pricing competency.

How did you find the relocation process?

Smooth. The company provided (i) a free trip to Luxembourg to experience the country before accepting the job offer, and (ii) engaged a relocation agent to take care of immigration, on boarding, and finding houses etc. 

How were the first 3 months in your new home?

I spent the first 3 months experiencing new cultures within work and getting used to understanding the way of European/ Luxembourg transfer pricing practice. Outside of work, I found out that you struggle without the French language. I enjoyed the feeling of work/life balance, which was non-existent in my country.

How has the international experience benefited you, personally and professionally?

Personally, I now understand and am able to experience the true meaning of work/life balance, being capable of quickly turning on and off. Professionally, I understand how flexible and different transfer pricing practices are within Europe. 

Would you recommend an international move to other professionals? Why?

If you and your family mutually agree and the move can fill in the identified gaps, yes! Not many people know Luxembourg, and indeed it’s a big city, but it is safe, has high education standards, and is in close proximity to key cities in Europe (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Paris etc.). Recommended for families. 

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