We caught up with a professional we helped move from Dubai to Bermuda, to get their thoughts on their relocation experience.

Why did you decide you wanted to move abroad?

I was working in a Top 10 firm in Dubai, UAE, but wanted to have exposure to clientele the Big 4 had to offer, as well as the lifestyle that comes with moving to a tropical paradise. The only tough choice was Bermuda or Cayman and Bermuda came on top, all thanks to Rick’s guidance and support throughout. I always believed life is too short to live in one place.

How did you find the relocation process?

I found the relocation process to be smooth as I always had Rick and my employer maintaining continuous communication with me and helping me with different formalities of securing a work permit.

How were the first 3 months in your new home? 

The first 3 months were very busy, as I had to source out a house to live in and get other basics sorted (bank, driver license, etc.). My employer helped me with everything and it was a smooth transition to the island life. I must say, it was a different lifestyle than I was used to but I was loving the fact that I can earn a tax-free salary and get to live in a place as beautiful as Bermuda.

How has the international experience benefited you, personally and professionally? 

Working internationally has helped me immensely as I experienced an amazing island lifestyle, saved quite a bit, made life-long friends, and got my next job in Sydney, Australia thanks to the financial service experience I gained solely in Bermuda.

Would you recommend an international move to other professionals? Why?

I would recommend moving internationally to all the newly qualified and experienced professionals, as it will expand your horizon of experience, you’ll get to experience a different and very interesting lifestyle and who knows, you may never want to leave. If you’re thinking about an international move, my advice would be to give Global Pathways a call and rest assured, they will find the most suitable place for you.

[Photo credit to Kansasphoto]

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