With an average of 26-28°C all year round and a variety of beautiful beaches to choose from, the Dominican Republic is a great location for expats. The cost of living is low, hence it is the cheapest Caribbean island to relocate to. Also, the standard of living is great, the pace of life is relaxed and the locals are positive and friendly.

Life in the Dominican Republic

It is a great place to get/ stay healthy. People make time to exercise at the gym or play sports, along with other popular activities such as scuba diving and stand up paddle boarding, which are great hobbies to help meet new people. There are also less fast food restaurants; more fresh fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables for reasonable prices.

The landscape of the country is varied, so there is not just the classic Caribbean white sand and turquoise sea to enjoy. The Dominican Republic is home to tropical rainforests, lakes, rivers, valleys and even semi-desert areas so there is a lot to explore.

Business in the Dominican Republic

The business culture is fairly informal; however, it is still important to be respectful and build trust when starting business relationships. Networking is important and the society is very status-conscious. It is not common to give gifts to your seniors, as it may be misinterpreted as a request for something in return.

Where to go, what to see

Atop the Chavon River in La Romana is the Altos de Chavon. This popular Mediterranean styled village holds an archaeological museum, cultural centre and also an amphitheatre. The cobblestone streets lace guests through the restaurants and shops (which sell a variety of handmade ceramics, jewellery and art).

Another attraction is the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor in Santo Domingo. It is dedicated to St. Mary of the Incarnation and is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. It was completed in 1540 after 28 years of building.

The Playa Rincon, which is rated one of the best “off the beaten path” beaches in the Caribbean, is ideal for a leisurely stroll and relaxing in the sun. With tropical palm trees and green mountains as a backdrop and crystal clear waves lapping over the white sand, it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend the day. Fresh seafood is served in nearby restaurants, and the beach stretches long enough for each visitor to have their own secluded paradise.

Yearly Events/ Festivals

February – Independence Day – Families and friends get together for dinner and drinks to remember the sacrifices made for Dominican freedom.

February – Carnival – A true explosion of colour, fun and entertainment. Celebrating the country’s cultural identity, parades are help with exotic costumes, music and dancing.

April – Kite Festival – Families mark Easter by spending quality time together. They fly kites together in the park and appreciate the importance of family.

June – Merengue Festival – Merengue is a type of Latin music that is popular with Dominicans. The Festival hosts live bands, DJs, beer tents and a lot of fun and dancing!

June – Puerto Plata Cultural Festival – Celebrating Dominican culture, the festival involves concerts, merengue, salsa, theatre shows and also art exhibitions.

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