Switzerland is a favourable location for expats for many reasons. Geneva and Zurich are often noted for their high standards of living and beautiful landscapes.

Life in Switzerland

Swiss houses, food and salaries are all top quality. Crime rates are low, so people can feel safe and at ease when walking alone. The air is cleaner than in most countries, as the Swiss care about the environment and are always thinking of new ways to cut down on pollution. There are plenty of public fountains with clean drinking water and the streets are kept litter free.

Switzerland is also great for travelling as it is in the middle of Europe, so most European countries can be reached within a few hours by train or aeroplane. Geneva is on the border of France and Zurich is only an hour away from Germany.

Business in Switzerland

Swiss salaries are amongst the highest in the world, and taxes are low. The work life balance is also good, 8-5 is the norm so people rarely work in the evenings or weekends, allowing plenty of free time. The economy is stable and the unemployment rate is at 3%.

Where to go, what to see

One of the things Switzerland is most famous for is skiing. It is home to some of the best ski resorts and hiking trails in the world. It has the most captivating traffic-free old mountain villages, some of the most impressive ski runs and the best mountain restaurants. You are almost always guaranteed a good coverage of snow due to the heights of the mountains.

Zurich’s Old Town (Altstadt in German) is a historic town with winding cobbled roads. Explore the medieval styled buildings, including the Swiss National Museum and the Museum of Art. One of the highlights of the town is Muhlesteg Footbridge, due to its famous display of love locks.

Also, Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich are always must-sees. Both are surrounded with hotels and parks, and a variety of entertaining activities to participate in. For example, Lake Geneva offers canopy tours, lazer tag, paintballing and water parks. At Lake Zurich, there are a variety of boat trips available; also, the Lindt chocolate factory is nearby.

Yearly Events/ Festivals

April (Zurich) – Sechseläuten (Six O’Clock Chimes) – Celebrating the start of Spring, members of the guilds dress in costumes and burn a Böögg (straw figure symbolising winter).

June (Geneva) – Fête de la musique – Over 50 podiums show off musicians from across the globe, with a diverse range of music being played, including classic orchestras, rock, pop, and also French music.

June – July (Zurich) – Zurich Festival – Every summer for a month, Zurich Festival combines opera, concerts, dance, theatre, and art, presenting the city’s diverse cultural institutions.

July – August (Geneva) – Geneva Festival – Full of free concerts, entertainment, fair rides, and a musical firework display.

August (National) – Swiss National Day – Celebrating the start of the Swiss Confederation in 1291, thousands of people attend festivals in the largest cities (Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basil, and Lugano). Also, fireworks, garden barbeques and paper lanterns are all part of the festivities.

October – November (Geneva) – International Film & Television Festival – Honours some of the most creative and innovation works made for television or cinema, and includes a Children’s Day, film previews and a film market.

December (Geneva) – Fête de L’Escalade – One of Geneva’s most celebrated events. Locals dress up in period costumes, brigades parade the streets on horseback and there are torch-lit marches.

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