Full of tropical green spaces and year-round heat, there are many reasons expats choose Singapore as their new home.

Life in Singapore

Singapore is a very safe country, because the crime rate is low and there is a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. It is also a travel hub, so living there gives the option of weekends away in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and more for affordable prices, or jump on a ferry to Bintan or Batam (Indonesian islands) which are an hour away.

Public transport is cheap, reliable, and efficient. Buses and transits take you seamlessly to almost anywhere, and there are plans to build even more train lines in the future, to reach the furthest corners of the island.

Also, due to the country being so multicultural, it recognises 11 different public holidays, so diversity has a real-life benefit for all of the population.

There are 218 hawker centres in Singapore. These markets are food heaven, full of exotic street food at cheap prices. They are good places to meet new people and try new dishes!

Business in Singapore

The business environment is corruption-free and the economy is competitive. The country is known for its low tax and encouragement of international talent joining their market. It is a Financial Services hub and the main trading hub of South East Asia.

Where to go, what to see

One of the most popular attractions in Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay. The nature park spans 250 acres and consists of 3 waterfront gardens. The garden is part of the government’s strategy to transform Singapore from the “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”, using greenery to enhance quality of life.

Singapore Zoo is another must-see. There are approximately 315 different species in the zoo, which attract 1.7 visitors every year. It displays animals in ‘open’ exhibits which look natural, and houses the largest colony of orangutans in the world. It is also open overnight, so visitors are able to see the nocturnal animals in action.

Fancy a walk among the tree tops? Then the MacRitchie Nature Trail is for you! It features a 250m long suspension bridge, known as the Treetop Walk, where visitors can walk between the two highest points of MacRitchie. There is also a 11km long trail with the possibility of spotting a variety of wildlife, ideal for nature-lovers. For the water sport thrill-seekers, the reservoir is host to canoeing and kayaking adventures.

Yearly Events/ Festivals

January/ February – Chinese New Year – First day of the year on the Lunar calendar. Families gather for steamboat dinners, and give away ang bao (red packets containing money). In honour of Chinese New Year, there is an annual festival called River Hongbao, which features giant lanterns depicting the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

June/ July – Ramadan – Muslims in Singapore gather to break their fast at sundown, and certain areas have night markets that sell clothes, sweets, and savouries.

September – Mid-Autumn Festival – Marking the end of the autumn harvest at nightfall, families and friends gather to feast on mooncakes and parade lanterns.

October/ November – Diwali – Commonly known as the Festival of Lights, this lively, colourful event is best experienced in Little India, where the streets are adorned with beautiful lights. Full of fun and shopping, people flood the streets to try authentic Indian food and take photos of the decorations.

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