Fancy Hong Kong as your next international destination? The thriving trade and cultural hub is best known for its breathtaking skyline and exciting festivals, hence it is a popular place to relocate.

Life in Hong Kong

With low taxation and high standard of living, many expats are flocking to Hong Kong each year. It is very popular amongst European expats in particular, as Asia provides a different culture and adventure while still finding pockets of European culture dotted around the city. Cantonese is spoken widely throughout Hong Kong, so it is also a good opportunity to learn a new, interesting language.

Business in Hong Kong

While Cantonese is commonly used in conversation, English remains the popular business language in Hong Kong. Due to its free trade policy, lack of trade barriers and none existent limit for foreign investments, Hong Kong is recognised as one of the most liberal economic systems. With many parts of the world struggling from a finance and business perspective, many expect Asia to be the rising star of the global economy, with Hong Kong at it’s hub.

Where to go, what to see

Victoria Peak is definitely one for your bucket list. Take the world’s steepest funicular railway, the Peak Tram, which will get you to the top in seven minutes. The peak rises 1,811 feet above sea level and offers a beautiful view of Hong Kong.

Another great site is the Tian Tan Buddha, a bronze statue, which is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world. The “Big Buddha” was erected in 1993 and can be found on the top of Lantau Island, after climbing 260 steps. The Buddha is flanked by “Twelve Divine Generals”, who each symbolise a Chinese Zodiac animal and two distinct hours of the day.

There’s also plenty of fun for the kids! First up is Ocean Park, which is a marine-life theme park full of animal exhibits, live shows, and fun rides. Offering a world-class blend of entertainment and education, Ocean Park Hong Kong won the “Applause Award” back in 2012. Hong Kong is also home to the newest Disneyland, which is fun for families of all ages.

Yearly Events/ Festivals

February – Chinese New Year – Three days of celebrations to mark Chinese New Year. A mesmerising firework display as the finale.

February/March – Spring Lantern Festival – Begins on the last day of Chinese New Year, brightly coloured lanterns cover the city.

April – Ching Ming Festival – Families visit their ancestral graves to clean them and leave offerings.

April/May – Tin Hau Festival – Hundreds of boats sail to the Tin Hau temples to ask for luck in the coming year.

May – Buddha’s Birthday – Monasteries take out their Buddha statues for their annual bath.

June – Dragon Boat Festival – Eight-men dragon boats race in an adrenaline filled competition.

September – Mid-Autumn Festival – One of the biggest festivals, full of lanterns, dragon dances and also mooncakes.

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