As Germany’s financial hub, Frankfurt is a popular location for expats around the world. With renowned museums, historic sites and Frankfurt sausages, the charming city has a lot to offer.

Life in Frankfurt

Featuring the River Main flowing through it, and many parks and exhibits to see, you never run out of things to do in Frankfurt. The quality of life is high and crime rate is low.

The city has efficient rail connections, river transport and the Autobahn system (motorway), so getting around is easy. The airport is the third busiest in Europe, as the central location makes it easy for weekends away to other European cities.

Business in Frankfurt

German companies treat their employees with care and respect. Job hopping is generally frowned upon as business relationships are made to last. German language skills would be beneficial because it is the business language. There are more than 400 banks and financial institutions, many of them headquartered here, and the European Central Bank. Also, the unemployment rate is low.

Where to go, what to see

In the heart of Frankfurt’s Old Town, you will find the Römerberg. It is a picturesque public square featuring the Justice Fountain in its centre. The Old Town Hall and the Imperial Hall are found in the square, which is full of old fashioned open-fronted shops (Kulturschirn) and other 15th to 18th century buildings .

Be sure to visit the Palmergaten, one of the city’s beautiful botanic gardens. This colourful paradise is home to plants from all over the world, from tropical rainforests to dry deserts. The gardens offer seasonal flower shows and during the summer visitors can row a boat on the pond or play mini-golf. 

Another popular attraction is the Old Opera House. The Italian High Renaissance styled ‘Alte Oper’ was built in 1880. The Opera House was destroyed during WWII, then slowly rebuilt, and eventually reopened in 1981. It is now host to 50 events a year and regular concerts.

Yearly Events/ Festivals

February – Fastnachtszug Carnival – Since the 14th century this colourful festival has marked the end of winter. Performers dress as court jesters, scarecrows and witches and the city is merry with music, food, and drink.

April – Fine Art Fair – 50 galleries take part in this event to showcase the world’s up-and-coming artists, while helping young and passionate artists promote their abilities.

May – Frankfurt Forest Folk Festival – The forest of Niederrad hosts a fairground, market, music concerts and traditional games for the kids. This festival encourages everyone to take a break from city life and get back in touch with nature.

June – Rose and Light Festival – Palmengarten bursts into life with candles and lanterns, creating an illuminated magical setting. Dance and music performances fill the festival, with a firework show as the finale.

June – Parade of Cultures – Promoting cultural and racial harmony, a parade of special costumes and performances raise ethnic awareness.

August – Rainbow Quai – Food, music and other fun entertainment keeps the city buzzing while the gay and lesbian community celebrate the city’s diversity.

December – Frankfurt Christmas Fair (Weihnachtsmarkt) – 200 stalls fill the medieval heart of Frankfurt, recreating the traditional Christmas fairs from centuries ago. The quant stalls, which are stocked with mulled wine, food and also traditional toys and gifts, is towered by a Swiss Christmas.

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