There are many aspects of life in Australia that attract expats from the world over. It offers a wonderful quality of life, with sunny weather and beautiful beaches. The locals are friendly and easy-going, making it easy to settle down in your new home. Major cities are modern and well designed, and the culture generally dictates that at least once or twice a week, you knock off work early to watch the sunset from the beach.

Life in Australia

Sun-drenched and warm, the whole country is set up for life outside. Parks and beaches have permanent barbeques set up that you can just turn up and use, there are outdoor pools everywhere, shops, restaurants, office and public transport are air conditioned. People smile a lot and there is generally an atmosphere of relaxed happiness.

Healthcare and education systems are amongst the best in the world, meaning it is a great place to bring up your family!

Salaries of those based in the more expensive cities are inflated to meet the cost of living, and all include a pension plan, that you can keep if you choose to see out your days in Australia, or can be taken with you like a savings plan if you leave permanently.

Top Tip: Remember your manners! Say “please” and “thank you” often. In Australia, it is common to thank people, even waiters and shop assistants who are only doing their jobs. It is part of the culture to show respect to everyone and treat people equally.

Business in Australia

There are many major international corporations and banks domiciled in Australia – primarily in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Dominant industries are Financial Services, Energy, FMCG and Leisure – all are well represented around the country.

It is acceptable working practice in Australian business culture to ask questions. In some cultures it is frowned upon and considered rude to inconvenience your manager; but Australian’s encourage asking questions if you do not understand, so they can help you learn and achieve your maximum potential.

Also, feel free to voice your opinion. Do not be afraid to disagree with someone and discuss your views and ideas, even with your boss.

Australian’s don’t limit their social schedule to Friday night drinks after work, it is common to have a few beers at the local pub on other weekdays too!

Where to go, what to see

One of Australia’s most popular attractions is the Sydney Opera house. It’s design and stunning location have been world acclaimed since it’s completion in 1973. It holds many interesting events throughout the year and offers daily tours. There are also a number of bars and restaurants providing Sydney’s finest food and drink, along with the best views in the city.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Great Barrier Reef attracts over 2 million visitors each year. It is made up of a gathering of over 2,900 individual vivid coral reefs. It is larger than the Great Wall of China, or the UK, Switzerland and Holland combined; and can be seen from space! The Great Barrier reef has recorded 30 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises; 6 species of sea turtles; 17 species of sea snake; over 1,500 species of fish; and a range of other sea creatures.

Australia is home to a variety of breath-taking beaches, so there’s something for everyone. For the surfers, Bells Beach (Victoria) is a well-known favourite, and Noosa (Queensland) and the Margaret River (Western Australia) are good for those wanting to go off the beaten path. For those looking for tranquillity and seclusion, Lucky Bay (Western Australia) and the 75-mile Beach (Queensland) are great for some alone time. For those living in the city, Bondi Beach and Manly Beach (Sydney), Brighton Beach and St Kilda (Melbourne), or Streets Beach and Coolangatta Beach (Brisbane) are the best for you.

Yearly Events/ Festivals

January – Sydney Festival – Offering a range of performances including dance, music, theatre and film over the 3-week-long event.

January – Australia Day – Marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first British fleet, the country celebrates their diversity.

February-March – Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – In 1978, a group of 1,000 protestors marched down Oxford Street to mark International Gay Solidarity Day. Over time, the event evolved and now hundreds of thousands of visitors come from all over the world to participate in the celebration.

April – Anzac Day – Celebrating all Australians and New Zealanders who served in wars.

June – Sydney Film Festival – Showcasing the world’s best new films.

October – Melbourne International Arts Festival – Presenting unique international and Australian events in dance, outdoor events, theatre and music.

If you are looking to improve your work/life balance, Australia could be the perfect location for you! Get in touch here for more information.

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