Expert recruiters in consulting roles

With a focus on financial accounting and engineering, our reputation is built on a real knowledge and understanding of those sectors. Our recruiters have over 10 years experience in international relocation recruitment. We work with qualified financial candidates and employers from professional service firms to ensure all parties get the best possible outcome.

A wide range of vacancies across the globe

Partnering with consulting firms across the globe, we help meet skill shortages by matching experienced financial professionals with these unique opportunities. We’ve successfully filled a large number of vacancies to date, through finding exactly the right candidate for each role and location.

Connecting Prestigious Global Companies to Top Talent

We have built a solid network over many years of connections in all corners of the world, from the well-trodden paths to the more unexplored corners of the planet. We are able to identify opportunities that are not on the open market.



The right PERSON, with the right SKILLS

  • • A cost-effective, comprehensive and professional service
  • • A flexible resourcing solution, with an emphasis on results
  • • A selection of relevant and experienced candidates
  • • An expert in international recruitment
  • • An in-depth knowledge of the financial and accounting markets
  • • Visa sponsorship and immigration navigation



The right JOB, at the right TIME

  • • Partnered with top global employers
  • • A wide range of desirable opportunities across 5 continents
  • • Advice on location and immigration requirements
  • • Guidance through the recruitment process
  • • An in-depth knowledge of the financial and accounting markets
  • • Relocation assistance to get you away without worry
  • • Assistance with settling you in to your new home

We are only satisfied when our clients are fully satisfied

We pride ourselves in providing a THOROUGH recruitment process,

based on the understanding of your NEEDS & motivations

to deliver the BEST recruitment solutions to you, our clients & candidates.

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