Energy is a global concern and figuring out its future is a conundrum that many spend their days trying to solve.

Traditional fossil fuels Oil, Gas and Coal see many thousands of people in consulting firms around the world dedicated to accounting for, advising and strategising them. If you are one of them, this is a guide to where your experience could be useful on the global market! Get in touch for more information and current opportunities.


Russia produces the largest amount of oil in the world and has the 2nd largest coal reserves. It is also the largest exporter and 2nd largest producer of natural gas. Russia’s economy is highly dependent on this industry, as oil and gas revenues make up over 40% of the federal budget revenues.

Calgary, Canada

Canada is home to the 3rd largest crude oil reserve in the world. Calgary is a global centre of excellence for energy, working towards a lower carbon energy supply. Using innovative thinking and technological advances, Canada is a worldwide leader in energy production.

Aberdeen, Scotland

The oil and gas industry contributed £32 billion to the UK economy in 2015, with an estimated 450,000 professionals employed in the sector. The petroleum industry in Aberdeen sparked from finding oil deposits in the North Sea, causing it to become the centre of Europe’s oil industry.

Middle East

The Middle East is a big part of the world’s oil production. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (along with Venezuela) founded the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which accounts for approximately 42% of the global oil production and 73% of the world’s “proven” oil reserves (as of 2015). OPEC now consists of 13 nations, 6 of which are in the Middle East, and has major influence on global oil prices. Saudi Arabia produces the most oil in the whole of the Middle East, and is the 2nd largest producer in the world, following on from Russia.

Perth, Australia

Australia is world’s largest exporter of coal, with Japan being their largest importer. 60% of Australia’s annual coal production is exported and their production has grown by 34% over the past two decades. The petroleum industry is still developing, with much of the land still to be explored. Perth is the leading city for the energy sector, with more than 30 international oil and gas companies and over 40 energy service company offices.

If you have experience in the Oil and Gas industry and are looking for international opportunities, get in touch here!

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