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With a variety of landscapes and cultures, strong healthcare systems, amazing universities and ease of travel, Europe offers many advantages. Zoom in on Switzerland and London, where jobs and career opportunities are very interesting.

London – The city where everything is possible

One in six people questioned by a recent survey would like to relocate to London. What makes London an attractive location for worldwide talent?




A vibrant and cultural city

There’s no denying that London is a multicultural melting pot; it is a truly global city, and the variety of people and cultures is astounding. Diversity is welcomed in London, and people from all over the world are attracted here due to its cultural harmonisation. London is also a colourful city dressed up in tourist attractions, fancy restaurants, and some incredible shopping experiences. It is a cultural hub with plenty going on to appeal to anyone, from concert venues to art galleries and tech shows.

A land of job opportunities

Being situated in the center of marketing and tech with the likes of Google, LinkedIn and other established organisations, it really is the place to get ahead! London offers a wealth of opportunities in a wide range of industries. From technology and finance to marketing and accountancy, London’s job market has nearly 10 times more vacancies than other UK cities. And if you’re looking for a consulting company which offers great opportunities to develop your skills, London is the capital of fast-growing and innovative businesses, always looking for qualified international talent.

Boost your career

London is the hub of all business and the only place to see your career really rocket. Professional services firms attract skilled people, and working in London means that you’ll be working alongside some of the best and most exclusive talent in the word. With so many experienced people, you can definitely benefit from best practice sharing, learn about other companies, and meet great entrepreneurs. Having professional experience in London makes you more employable and opens up opportunities that you may never have even dreamed of.

Cutting-edge technology

The innovation in the London tech scene is unparalleled, producing the latest and greatest inventions. Business can take advantage of this to set themselves apart and move ahead of their competition in the market. For all you techies, it goes without saying that London is the place for you to take your skills to the next level.

Switzerland – The country to make and save money

There are many things about Switzerland that make it a unique little gem and well worth considering a move to. A strong economy, high income, good quality of living… It is one of the most popular destinations for expats. And if you are addicted to chocolate and cheese, then pack your suitcase right now and jump onto the first flight!





The standard of living…

…is one of the highest in the world. Never far from the top of any survey, the country offers its residents exceptional well-being and quality of life. Surrounded by amazing natural landscape, the pollution is very low, the outdoor activities are varied, and depression is close to zero. It’s also right in the middle of Europe. From Zurich, Germany is an hour away, France and Italy are 2. Everything else is a few hours by flight. The trains are all on time, and the transportation both intra-city and inter-city is very good.

Quality education and strong healthcare system

The education system in Switzerland is considered to be among the best internationally. There are both public and international schools in the country, along with quite a few universities and higher education institutions. In addition of that, Switzerland’s healthcare system is considered to be among the best in the world. It is mandatory for new settlers to obtain healthcare insurance within the first three months of residence. 2 important factors to take in consideration if you are moving with your family.

High income + low tax = savings

Switzerland is home to almost the highest percentage of expats in the world, and they come for a reason. Low taxes and high wages attract many people to Switzerland, and the low corporation tax attracts many multinational companies so there are lots of opportunities to succeed. You may have heard that Switzerland is an expensive place to live. This is true, a challenge many expats encounter when living in Switzerland is the high cost of living. However, with the low tax rate and the increase in wages you are very likely to find yourself with more disposable income than you did back home.

Open to expatriates

More than 20% of Switzerland’s population consists of foreign workers, both temporary and resident. The multi-national character of the country is also reflected in its four official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh. English is also spoken by the majority of people and English speakers are able to find work easily. However, it may make integration into the community easier if you speak and understand the specific language of your canton. Switzerland is also part of Schengen treaty. This means citizens of visa deprived countries (like India / China) can roam around freely in the EU if they’re living/ working in Switzerland.


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