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If you want to boost your career and save money, then Asia could be the place for you. You will have access to a prosperous business world and a competitive job market.

Hong Kong  The gateway to China

Hong Kong’s location, strong economy, free port status, well-developed infrastructure and low taxation have all contributed to its status as a leading regional investment hub and financial centre. Why is it so popular to relocate to Hong Kong?






Quality of life

City life or countryside? While people in most parts of the world have to choose between the two, residents in Hong Kong can actually enjoy the best of both worlds. It is dominated by skyscrapers, but what most of the world doesn’t know is that Hong Kong has among the highest proportion of protected territory with national parks than any other city. No matter which part of the city you find yourself in, a beach or lush green mountain will be not more than a 20 minutes’ drive away. Hong Kong offers an exceptional lifestyle and extraordinary career progression.

Amazing career opportunities

It’s the financial centre and business hub of the country. The opportunity to advance your career is much greater in Asia compared to other parts of the world. For example, within the accounting sector, the average age of a partner is four years younger than those in London. Hong Kong businesses in particular also tend to have a flexible, yet clearly defined career path for employees. There are greater opportunities for short-term assignments and potential future international transfers. If you’re ambitious, qualified and experienced, Hong Kong could be the city for you.

Very easy to network

It is practically impossible not to network in Hong Kong. The expat community is small, and no matter one’s industry, meeting someone who can make introductions to the right people is fairly easy. When searching for work, a lot of people get business cards made to hand out when they meet people of interest, which tends to be more often than not in social contexts.

Friendly expat community

The expat community is incredibly friendly. Hong Kong is a very transient place, and it follows that most people know what it’s like to be new, and are happy to help and befriend the newbies. Unlike most cities where people have established circles of friends, in Hong Kong people come and go so often that there is a distinct lack of cliques, which is refreshing.

Singapore The most globalised economy in the world

Singapore is the world’s second most prosperous economy, according to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey. Important job opportunities, high wages, low unemployment rate, excellent work conditions and nourishing business development are the incredible benefits that offer the city to its citizens. Being the major centre for commerce and trade in South East Asia – if not globally –  Singapore is home to expats from all over the world.





Tropical climate

With an equatorial, humid climate, South East Asia offers a unique climate that is easy to live in all year round. For those who enjoy the sun and heat – Singapore is the perfect place to be. With many beaches on the island (and surrounding countries) you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the weather.

The hub of Asia

With one of the world’s busiest airports, and hundreds of adventures to be had on your doorstep in surrounding South East Asia, Singapore is the centre of air travel for the region. So whether you are going home to visit friends or family, or off to explore any corner of the world, Singapore gives you constant access to the transport you need.

Low taxation – high disposable income

As the economy is booming, Singapore companies are hungry to acquire qualified financial consultants from overseas, offering top salaries and relocation packages to attract experienced accountants and engineers. On top of that, Singapore has very low taxation, which leaves you with a high disposable income which easily rivals what is on offer in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK. The city offers a high standard of living and is reasonably priced when you take into account your higher disposable income.

Getting a work/residence permit is very easy

With a population of only 5 million, Singapore is highly interested in acquiring new residents to boost the county’s economy. Once you get a job offer, applying for a visa would take only a few clicks on the governmental website and you will know the outcome within just one day. No lines, no paper bureaucracy and no huge list of supportive documents. The process is simple, fast and Residence permits are usually issued along with your work permit for the same period of time.


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