Diversity & Inclusion

We are here to match the right person with the right job, no matter who you are!

Work with recruiters who understand that everyone is different

Here at Global Pathways we are full supporters of diversity and inclusion. As global recruiters, we understand that everybody is a minority somewhere in the world, and are happy to help you get where you want to be.

We do what we can to assist people of any ethnicity, sexuality and gender to find the best job – to match your skills and life goals, in any corner of the world.

We endeavour to suggest locations where you will thrive, no matter who you are. Also, we are here to advise on areas that may not be the best fit for you so you can rest assured that you will feel happy, safe and included in your new home.

Whatever your background, whatever your wish list, we will do what is necessary to help you get the job of your dreams.

We strive to help women reach the top of the career pyramid, with advice and support throughout the recruitment process on how to help you smash the glass ceiling.

Partners from specialist recruitment avenues for the LGBT community work with us, to help us reach an audience that may steer away from mainstream recruiters.

We are proud to decline work from clients who assess candidate profiles on anything other than skill set and capability as we will not be a part of a discriminatory selection process.

To have your job search handled safe in the knowledge that your recruiter understands your circumstances and is someone with whom you can be open, honest and true to yourself, please get in touch today.