Our role here at Global Pathways is to help you make the right choices when you relocate internationally.

Motivating factors for moving country vary from person to person – from career to climate, work/life balance to learning a language. But one thing that is always important when considering a move is how your new salary will set you up in your new location.

It is important to remember you do not always need a straight conversion pay rise to be successful in your chosen location, you could well be better off with less if the cost of living is lower in your new home.

Cost of living guides are a great way to evaluate your expectations before relocating. We recommend Numbeo for all your research needs, from rent and groceries to cinema tickets and dining out. You can compare countries to find out if you will be spending more or less in your new destination overseas.

Here are some facts about cost of living indexes we found on Numbeo:

  • • 7 out of the Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World are in Switzerland
  • • 8 out of the Top 10 Cheapest Cities in the World are in India
  • • New York and San Francisco, which are often considered the most expensive cities in the world, are actually 16th and 18th of the Most Expensive Cities. Cities such as Venice, Reykjavik and Oslo are all more expensive than the popular US cities. However, they are both rated in the Top 3 Most Expensive Cities by the Rent Index.
  • • London, which is also considered very expensive, is all the way down in 68th of the Most Expensive Cities. It jumps up to 18th when filtered by rent prices.
  • • Rent prices in Budapest are 78% cheaper than Geneva.
  • • Beer in Mexico City is 63% – 76% (depending on domestic/ imported) cheaper than in Singapore.
  • • A white loaf of bread is 185% more expensive in New York than in London (average of £1/ $1.25 in London and £2.86/ $3.59 in New York.
  • • Grocery prices in Hong Kong and Paris are almost the same, Hong Kong is only 0.72% cheaper.
  • • The average cost of 1L of gasoline in Hamilton (Bermuda) is £1.63, in Dubai it is only £0.38
  • • A monthly travel pass on public transport in Toronto is C$141.50, the equivalent in Prague is only C$29.42 (381% cheaper!)
  • • Hamilton in Bermuda is the most expensive city to live in according to the Cost of Living Index plus Rent Index

We will always fight to get you the best deal that we can, and can offer impartial advice on where to get the wishlist of things you need for your move.

If you work in accounting or finance and want some guidance on where in the world you can make a successful career move, please get in touch!

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