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At Global Pathways, we pride ourselves in providing a thorough search and selection process that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience working in Finance and Accounting, particularly from an international perspective, giving you unparalleled access to our global talent pool. Our knowledge and expertise in cross-border headhunting means our capabilities in this specialist area are second-to-none. We take the work out of searching the world for the talent you need.

We understand the industry and your business, so save you time in explaining the basics over and over. You can cut straight to the personal fit and what will work specifically for your team.

We search out and screen the best qualified international talent, who not only have the competencies to fulfil a job description, but are also likely to become a long term asset to your business by bringing the right attitude and drive


We start by listening. We spend the time needed to get to know you and to really understand your company culture, your vision and goals, the challenges you face and the team that you need.


We work hard to identify and screen qualified financial consultants from the global talent pool. We provide a shortlist of the most compatible candidates that can bring the right competencies and team spirit to your company.


We are here to help you save money, time and energy. We organise all interviews, assist with salary and package negotiations, guide your new team member in the relocation process and make sure both parties are fully satisfied.


More than a Recruiter, we are your trusted partner. Our mission is to help you grow. We build honest, long lasting relationships and always keep in touch to answer any of your needs with speed, accuracy and quality.

We guarantee the best service, EVERY DAY

Honesty, Commitment, Support

We take the effort out of finding new talent

  • • A full understanding of your needs, challenges, requirements.
  • • A rigorous sourcing process to find experienced international talent.
  • • A selection of the most compatible finance accountants and engineers.
  • • A complete support throughout the hiring process.
  • • A trusted partner who cares for your needs.
  • • A consultative approach with the support of a relocation expert.

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