Can’t decide if staying in or returning to a Big 4 firm is right for you? Here are the top benefits of a career in consulting:

Varied projects and working environments

Although project lengths will vary, it is certain that you will participate in a wide range of them throughout your career in a Big 4 firm. Their diverse client bases guarantee you work alongside many different companies, each of which will have different challenges to overcome. This keeps your career interesting, as you won’t be stuck doing the same thing and working with the same people every day.

Learn valued skills faster

Working with many different clients teaches you to be adaptable. It is vital in a consulting career to be able to change to a new project and quickly pick up all you need to know about the client and their business. A lot of people agree that the best way to learn and refine skills is to experience and overcome new challenges or adversity. Working in a Big 4 firm gives you the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, in a shorter time than in other companies.  It is in your employers interest to ensure you are at the top of your game. As a consultant, they will send you out to their clients as their representative, therefore training and development are paramount.

Accelerated promotion track

What you learn at a Big 4 firm in 2-3 years is usually an equivalent of 4-6 years in industry. In Big 4 firms, promotions follow a logical structure and experience in these firms is highly valued by potential future employers. Industry promotions are often delayed by waiting for a higher position to become vacant.

International opportunities

There are Big 4 firms in almost every country in the world, and they deal with multi-national clients. This has allowed them to develop an integrated structure that provides a range of international projects for those looking for them. They also may offer their employees a secondment, which is a chance to work abroad for 1 month – 6 months.

If you are looking to relocate to a new country, it is best to find a role with a competitor. This is because an internal transfer will require you to return to your home country after the secondment. These firms have the need and the capability to hire international talent, unlike most industry companies. The Big 4 can process your visa and help you with relocation costs. We can help find these opportunities for you!

If you are considering moving to an international Big 4 firm, get in touch!

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