Knowing more than one language is a valuable skill. It makes you a more attractive candidate for employers, as you can communicate with different groups of people and bring unity to a multilingual workplace/ client base, so could be the key to landing your dream job!

Appeal to International Companies

If you are looking to move abroad, having multiple languages at your disposal broadens your choices. Many countries are home to a variety of languages, but their business dialect is the deal-breaker. Companies will expect you to have a good level of skill in their business language, so you can easily communicate with co-workers and build rapport with clients. Therefore, it will open opportunities for new locations and make you an appealing candidate for international companies.

Build Confidence

Learning another language can be intimidating. There are many steps to perfection, and it is likely you will mispronounce words and make mistakes along the way. Overcoming these hurdles will gradually give you more confidence as you build up fluency and achieve your goal. Communication is linked to confidence so it will help you grow as a person.

Multi-task like a Pro

Studies show that those who are able to communicate in more than one dialect are better at multi-tasking. As you get used to flowing between languages you become more adept at switching between tasks. Therefore, it is likely that learning another language will improve your capability to handle busy days at work. Memory is also strengthened as the brain’s ability to retain information grows.

Learn Another!

The first foreign language is usually the most difficult to get your head around. After that, your brain is more accustomed to replicate the process and understand more languages’ structures better. It will be easier for you to identify the techniques and steps of gaining new language skills, and you will understand the grammar and sentence structures quicker. So why stop at one new language? We often come across CVs that list a variety of interesting languages and it definitely stands out and impresses employers.

If you are considering an international opportunity to perfect your language skills, get in touch!

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