With more companies expanding globally now than ever before, international experience grows more valuable as it demonstrates a flexible mindset. Employers want to hire people who have experience with different cultures and have proven they can adapt to new environments.

New Skills

Stepping outside your comfort zone and overcoming the initial challenges of working abroad impresses employers. The experience improves your communication skills and confidence, whilst testing your resourcefulness and commitment to expanding your horizons. These skills, and others you would use to adapt to unfamiliar situations, are good to highlight on your CV and during interviews.

New Experiences

Working in a new team gives you the chance to learn new working styles and different approaches to your professional challenges. As you build international networks, you will be exposed to different projects that wouldn’t be available in your home country. Describing these projects on your CV may reveal different tasks and more responsibilities than you are usually exposed to on a local level, and encourages future employers to hire you.

New Culture

Experiencing a new culture and building cultural awareness will make you more sought after. Your time abroad will give you the ability to see situations from different perspectives. During your career it is likely your job may include travelling to clients abroad, so having experience in adapting to new cultures will be useful. You may even learn a new language during your international venture, which always looks great on a CV (as explained here).

If you are looking for international opportunities to add to your CV, get in touch here!

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