Planning your next holiday, but can’t decide where? Help is at hand!

There are so many breath-taking locations around the world, so here is a list of some of the most photogenic swimming pool destinations to satisfy your wanderlust.

Mona Vale Beach Rock Pool

Located in Sydney, Australia, this 30-metre rock pool sits in Mona Vale Beach with the sea lapping at its sides.

Hotel Hubertus Sky Pool

Located in Italy, the hotel boasts a 13-metre high, gravity defying pool. Guests can get the full feel of floating in the sky, thanks to a glass-panel on the bottom of the pool.

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Located in Bali, Indonesia, this hotel is surrounded by the jungle, so a dip in the pool comes with nature’s own backing track.

Hotel Villa Honegg

Located in Switzerland, this pool offers a tranquil view of the mountains.

Chongwe River House

Located in Zambia, this pool is perched beside a river regularly visited by elephants, so guests may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

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